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International Colour Day - March 21st

Established 2009, colour is one of the most influential phenomena in people’s lives and one of the channels that contributes most greatly to the perception of reality. The special date proposed by Leonhard Oberascher is March 21st, the Spring equinox; Aequus (equal) and Nox (night).

Around the equinox, night and day are approximately equal, symbolically relating to the nature of light and darkness, expressed in all human cultures. Light and dark are at the heart of how we perceive colour itself- so a perfect date indeed!

Our Colourful Candles, Clean Burn, No Soot/Smoke!

Colour Dictionary

This lovely image is of one of our original 1930's colour dictionarys'. This one has fluffy wool swatches to help colour match. We have scanned & digitized all these archive colours to bring you our colourful collection today.

Hot Stuff!

Glass blowing is by definition a hot process! The transformation of raw materials into glass takes place at around 1,320 °C / 2,400 °F, and the glass emits enough heat to appear almost white hot.
The glass is then left to "fine out" (allowing the bubbles to rise out of the mass) and then the working temperature is reduced in the furnace to around 1,090 °C (2,000 °F).

So much work goes into each piece. All bubbles & forms do vary a little, as is only fitting for somehing that is crafted in this way.