Hello Fall! All our US stock ships out from Philadelphia.


 Eco, Fair Trade & Colourful - probably the best candles in the world! 

You love our candles, we love our candles, however please do read on.

The wax colours are poured by hand, layer by layer and separation between 1 or 2 coloured sections can lead to a ‘wobble’ or hairline separation on the candle where the colours change; not in every pack but it will naturally occur on some.
They will still burn 100% safely as the central cotton wick runs all the way through, holding all the coloured discs together. 
This issue is an inevitable part of the construction of the product. 
Separation like this can occur during shipping, although we have rigid, close fitting packaging and dividers between each candle, even this can sometimes not be enough and we are trying to improve this as much as possible on future orders.